Welcome to the Squirrell Contact Site.

This is the place to find out about your Squirrell ancestry and discover new relatives around the world.

We are a loose knit group of people either born with, or related to someone with, the name Squirrell. We are a not for profit organisation. Our interests are in researching the family tree past and present and making contact with other family members.

We have a number of researchers around the world working together on our genealogy. If you are related to the Squirrell family then they would like to hear from you. They have built up a database of over 25,000 names going back to the late 17th century. It seems likely that we are all descended from a family living in and around Hitcham in Suffolk England. In exchange for some information about your branch of the family they will be pleased to send you a free ancestral tree.

The group have organised two reunions in Suffolk, these have provided an opportunity for us to meet each other and the genealogists.

You can also interact with other family members on-line by joining the Squirrell website.

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